T’s & C’s

The use of Core Loans is subject to the terms and conditions set out below.

  1. CoreLoans is not a Credit Provider, an agent of a Credit Provider or a representative of a Credit Provider.
  2. You give us permission to submit your details as per the online application form to various Credit Providers in order to find you a loan.
  3. In the event a loan is offered to you by credit provider, you are under no obligation to accept same.
  4. Please be aware that all lenders may conduct a credit check.
  5. You acknowledge the risk involved in borrowing money from the chosen credit provider and hereby indemnify us against losses you might sustain with regards to the granting of the loan or the loan not being granted by the relevant Credit Provider, due to reasons beyond our reasonable control. This will include any economical lost pertaining to the harm/losses caused.
  6. CoreLoans does not provide financial advice as you will deal with the financial institutes directly.
  7. The applicant agrees that they have fully read and understand the Terms and Conditions of CoreLoans and have voluntarily submitted the application.
  8. You agree to us using your name, number and email address for marketing.