petrol increase

Petrol prices to jump almost 9% in April

Petrol prices are expected to hike in April of this year.

Higher petrol and road taxes behind increase.

Road users in Gauteng and other inland areas are staring down the barrel once more, with their fuel fees set to push the R16p/l mark. The government are expected to confirm the official hikes in due course, as a triple-whammy is ready to confront the motorists of South Africa.

Oil prices are on the rise again, recovering after lower demand over the festive season sent the value plummeting. Speaking of spectacular declines, the rand is currently trading at over R14.50 to the dollar, the worst it’s been in months. Those two factors on their own have the potential to add another R1 onto the per-litre price, but they’ve got company.

The retail price of petrol in South Africa will rise by nearly 9% from April 3.

The price of wholesale diesel will increase by close to 6%, the energy department said on Sunday.

The price of petrol will rise by 131 cents to R16.13 per litre in the commercial hub of Gauteng province, while diesel will also go up by 81 cents to R14.87 per litre.

In a statement, Minister of Energy Jeff Radabe said the sharp increase in prices was due to higher fuel and road taxes announced in February’s budget.