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What is the turn around on an Application ?

The turn around time on an application is normally 24 hours. When we receive your application, we immediately forward it to our panel of lenders and you can expect to hear from them within a few- to 24. The reason you may not hear from us within 24 hours might be because we are searching for a lender that will assist you with a personal loan.

What about credit checks ?

We do not perform credit checks, but our panel of lenders may do so after receipt of your loan application.

How long do I have to repay the loan?

This will entirely depend on the lender and the agreement signed, normally anything from 1 month to 60 months. Many people apply for loans without being aware that they may negotiate the terms and conditions of the loan. The repayment period are normally between 12 – 72 months, depending on the amount that you qualify for and how much you can afford to repay monthly.

What does being blacklisted mean and how can it affect your credit rating and ability to apply for financial service ?

When you fail to pay a personal loan or any type of credit agreement, e.g. an account with a retail store, within the set term of the contract or agreement, the loan reverts into default and your name is listed with the various credit bureau’s. This serves to inform other credit providers/financial institutions that you do not honour your contracts/agreements as signed by you. A listing on a credit bureau can prevent you from procuring any further loans or types of finance.

As a first step in the process, Financial Institutions and Credit Providers make use of their collections departments to list you as a slow payer. A listing as a slow payer on credit bureau results in an immediate drop in your credit score.

Loans for people with bad credit may be very difficult to find when you turn to Financial Institutions for help. A bad credit record because of past financial difficulties, no longer has to stand in the way of alleviating unnecessary financial pressure.

All you need to do to get a personal loan is to fill in an online application and provide us with the required documents when asked to do so.  We will do the hard work and go to the panel of lenders for you!

What does this service cost?

We offer this as a FREE service. We DO NOT and WILL NOT charge you anything or debit your bank account.

How safe is my personal information?

We only forward your personal information to the lenders and will never sell nor abuse your personal information.

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